Anson Offers Versatile 2500 Series Bearings

Having bearing problems? Anson Sales of Delta, British Columbia thinks it has the answer to some of those problems.

Anson’s 2500 Series unit has a horizontal split with a gib. It is a three-part bearing and can be supplied with babbit, polyurethane, bronze or zinc aluminum lining. The zinc aluminum lining is being used as an alternative to SAE 660 bronze, giving a similar service life as bronze at a much reduced cost, according to Anson. The zinc aluminum is poured “in house,” thus ensuring fast service.

The most popular lining used in the Anson bearing is the polyurethane, which has an excellent “memory” and readily absorbs impact and shock loading, says Anson. The unit utilizes a split ductile iron housing and fabricated steel base.

Glenn Cole, maintenance supervisor, Weyerhaeuser, Wright City, Oklahoma says,

“We are using them at the merchandizer log decks, hourglass rolls and stop’n loads with no sign of wear after a year of service. The urethane used contains 2% moly and graphite and can be used on shafts up to 80 RPM without lubrication. However, lubrication is recommended to ensure maximum life, which may be shortened by dust and grit.”

Anson’s revolutionary roll-out shell design offers the user the quickest and simplest bearing replacement in the market today. The four bolts on the cap portion are removed and the cap pops off; remove two keys and the old roll-out shell; roll the new shell in and replace the keys and cap. The entire replacement is accomplished without disturbing the shaft assembly and alignment.

They’ll also interchange with regular bearings of the same dimensions and can be welded down where there is lots of vibration.

Ken Porter, Boise Cascade, Mount St. Helen’s, Oregon, says Boise uses Anson’s 2500 Series urethane bearings in hourglass rolls, drag conveyors, log hauls and log kickers. They are mounted horizontally or vertically.

“We weld the base in place after alignment and don’t need to worry about bolts coming loose,” Porter says. “As far as I am concerned, the Anson bearing is the best thing to come along in the industry for a long time. We won’t look at another cast iron housing again.”

Other Anson products are the 1000 Series, one-piece bearing block, and the ATU Series all steel fabricated conveyor or take-up frames, 40 degree angle split bearing and flange bearing with roll out shell.